Sunday, January 10, 2010

Synthroid And Perrier What Happens When You Don't Take Synthroid For Hypothyroidism And Start Taking It Again?

What happens when you don't take synthroid for hypothyroidism and start taking it again? - synthroid and perrier

I have hypothyroidism, I produce Soppe to synthroid every day, but last year not in a position to any type of health insurance and not just not the money. Well, I'm back safe, Stary I can be resumed to make myself tired and sleepy, and he was wearing?


Mamita said...

This is not really a good answer, but I made sure that this is not a question that I !!!!! I started my synthroid again 3 days B / C was in the same boat as you Insurance W o / for 6 months! I hear her is to make you feel better soon. I feel very tired and sleepy and kind of depression, loss of hair by the handfuls, and always cold. I'll keep an eye on your question to B / C is about exactly the same thing just ask! One of my big questions, I recently asked on the night it was difficult, children with hypothyroidism. I just know he is not alone, and I am exactly in the same boat, hope you feel work better and faster! =)

greatblu... said...

His fatigue and sleepiness are the symptoms of hypothyroidism and no medication. Take all medications prescribed. It is important that your blood thyroid after a few weeks of therapy to ensure that you are in the correct dosage of medication. Once the right dose, you need a re-examination of the thyroid hormone at least twice a year to ensure that they are always in the right dosage. It is a chronic disease and is not fighting. Read more about hypothyroidism and online education. Synthroid is not too expensive and is in general. Walmart is even on their list of $ 4 See and check.

scout said...

A year is too long. I was about a month without my Levoxyl (generic) synthyroid and I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism back. I'm really cold, do not have time, tired and somewhat exhausted. its strange that you say that you can be tired when you will start taking again, but you have to organize it. for the test levels and continue to take drugs because hypothyroidism can lead to diabetes, and it is much worse

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