Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Foto Frame Toying Boyfriend Present?

Boyfriend Present? - foto frame toying

Ive had this before .. but I'm still a little unsure ..

For my bday buddy, I booked a dinner for two at a fine restaurant .. Dancy, but I want something so GIV .. .. like a picture frame with our picture

Any other suggestions? ..


Sanctum said...

Get something new to wear and give you the night of his life.

Ryan S said...

High heels and a smile.

kelstar said...

Hey lady, you know, your BF better, why not decide what to do!

Üéxqüîtë... said...

The best solution is to find what she wants and give it to him! In reality, the love the best is to give and Ting. If u love, all is well with him: D

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