Saturday, January 9, 2010

Polo Outlet In Buffalo Does Walden Galleria Mall In Buffalo Close To Fashion Outlets Of Niagara? Does It Have Ralph Lauren Polo?

Does Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo close to Fashion Outlets of Niagara? Does it have Ralph Lauren Polo? - polo outlet in buffalo

I go to Buffalo / Niagara Region, in the U.S., so yes, I need help:) everyone here is a little pressure for me to buy Abercrombie Hollister clothes, but my parents want to take a job with all the good deals. If we are up to 2 trips to the two goals I want to be too close together to make;)


old account (jay k) said...

They are approximately 30 minutes so far. Both are far from the highway, it would be hard to miss.

Fashion is definitely a Ralph Lauren store, not the Walden Galleria

MelC said...

Gallaria Shopping Center in Buffalo and fashion boutiques are in Niagara Falls, New York.

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