Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iui Treatment Does Anyone Have Any Experience Of IUI Treatment?

Does anyone have any experience of IUI treatment? - iui treatment

Or like to know something. I am pleased to be referred by their doctor for fertility treatment and I am entitled to all with 1 or 3 free cycles of IVF free of IUI.


Ash said...

wow that is awesome to see a doctor? I must see and ... I just had my first IUI on Thursday of last week ... I want to know if next week to take or not ... and I prayed! I have PCOS ... I started in May 1500 mg metformin once daily, and later after 3 weeks or so she started me on my tour period of Clomid ... I had 4 rounds of 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 150 mg of the other. , Which is also the monthly injections. This is our first attempt at IUI month! We tried unam in a natural way with its first drug for additional money! ivfs entire procedure is about 1,500 for IUI with my doctor and go anywhere to 15,000-20,000 for your chance to free one to three depending on what you're going. I have 3 cousins who sometimes concived unam 1 and I had a cousin who had worked 8 or unam ivfs and 3, never ... registered prior to 16 months and have a wonderful child! is that adorable! I think my characters express that by the end of pregnancy now that is off stress, and preserved it is! I wish you good luck and tons of baby powder!

Baby #1 Due 6/22/10! said...

I just changed my second round of IUI this month. Please send a message to I can answer any questions u have in May.

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