Thursday, January 21, 2010

Synthetic Ice Hockey Switching From Roller Hockey To Ice Hockey??

Switching from roller hockey to ice hockey?? - synthetic ice hockey

I play roller hockey my life and my parents finally let me go play ice. I am 16 years old and the last time I went to open it, play hockey, was not very good. It's hard for me to get the nearest hockey rink, because it made a couple of hours away from home. Is there a way for the construction of synthetic ice, or in any way the practice of ice hockey without ice? Or does anybody advice me on the ice? Thank you!


Benny DA BEATA said...

I was in the same boat as you.

I took a clinic for adults in the local rink. They taught me everything. the basics of skating position. To be honest, my skating skills were already well advanced, but much to learn. Now that I have played in miles 4 bars. If there is no clinic in your area, I find the nearest ice rink and someone that you know you can skate very well teach them the ropes. Practice as much as possible.

John S said...

Yes, you can practice at home with the synthetic ice. Synthetic Ice World sells a carpet 12 'practice, called Super-Glide All-Star who is not too expensive. If you have more money available, and a place where you can build a track house, how big or small as you want.

Synthetic ice is ideal for the practice because it is a little more effort than skate requires. When you return to the ice, he will skate faster and with more power!

Leafsfan29-Go Canada Go said...

They have to learn to skate (run what is different) than the role. They must learn to control and lead apparently unstoppable.

Synthetic ice at this time is ungodly expensive.

Jared said...

Buy an ice hockey kit installation in the stores department stores while Wal-Mart, so will the hardware to create a skating rink in winter

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