Monday, February 15, 2010

Waxing Pics Before After I Need Opinions! PICS. Ladies Please. Better With Or Without The Mustache?

I need opinions! PICS. Ladies please. Better with or without the mustache? - waxing pics before after

OK then, shaved (actually meet my ex gf haha)

Here are the pictures are

Before ...

And after ...

Ladies I need your opinion. Which do you prefer?
dated and, as I am? I now look after only 3 weeks =)

Thank you all in advance!


DearVien... said...

without. it makes you look younger and you know, fresh and clean. You're pretty without it.

I think you are safe. I refer to the individual needs to do more than they see, but you're sweet. I will certainly be with you:)

Meeeee said...

The mustache is working for you

Without it, he is very young, I guess anyway

Re dated, but it really depends on your personality

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