Friday, February 5, 2010

Traktor Not Showing In Service Center How To Play Non Stop Music Using Virtual Dj 4 Or Traktor Dj 2?

How to play non stop music using virtual dj 4 or traktor dj 2? - traktor not showing in service center

Hello, I have these 2 programs and Traktor DJ 4 Virtual DJ 2, but until now I have to load the music or manually Grag after another. I have a folder with more than 85 songs, I would invite all 85 songs and they play non-stop without gragging one by one, can someone give me a hand?

Thank you.


Richard H said...

Virtual DJ is a play mode, where you simply drag the songs in the playground group (far right on the screen, I think) and click on the Automix button, insert a track and mix-and-Play Left, bottom right on the list on the list until you do not exclude or Automix. You can also use the areas in which to feel the songs together, whether they stay more than a DJ instead of Winamp or iTunes, the feeling, but beware of tearing of the train. Hope this helps

ramtrol said...

VDJ5 is reserved for the main channel for the folder that you put what. Guess VDJ4 have a similar string?

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