Sunday, February 28, 2010

How To Refill A Tonor Weird Coincidences Keep Happening?

Weird Coincidences Keep Happening? - how to refill a tonor

The other evening my brother and I were the table and when I started, a lot of dishes that I did not tell him to break. About ten minutes later he did.
As I began to walk to school, I think I see someone had broken into the house and stole everything, and what I would do if it happened. My father's house was stolen, but not at home to catch up in time again.
For some reason every time I wanted to write short stories for a while my character is always this purple sweatshirt was safe. One day, I see that my mother had bought a new purple sweater.
I was talking with the boy at the post office to renew my passport and asked him how often he had to fill the stapler. She told me many things. A few minutestes later, the stapler had to reload. This is all a coincidence?


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