Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beebee Gun Dog To Med Or Not To Med? My Dog Has Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome...?

To med or not to med? My dog has Cognitive dysfunction Syndrome...? - beebee gun dog

My dog is 18 years old, very healthy, never had health problems, was the life of a cat .. This dog was hit by a car and threw it 6 feet .. Kicked in the head by a horse seveal times was by small neighbor, who do not know why, just put a QTIP Bibi in a gun and shot him killed .. QTIP still inside and can not be deleted because it consitered srapnal and disposal of hazardous, but do not cause pain. They are confused day, and others where it is perfect .. but he was diagnosed Congitive Dysfunction Syndrome ... Because Alzheimer's disease in humans .. It is the treatment with Anipryl. The system told me that he went to bed. He is too old ... They say dog year to 126 years. You do not have arthritis, only lasts until awakened from sleep. It is a COCAP/ Oo mix Terrer ... I do not think he's ready to die, do not give me that look .... What do you think? What would you do?


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