Friday, February 12, 2010

Kidde Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wont Stop Beeping Why Do My Non-battery Powered Smoke Alarms Hiss When The Power Is Out?

Why do my non-battery powered smoke alarms hiss when the power is out? - kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm wont stop beeping

At home I have a Universal CD-9795 Carbon monoxide fumes, which has new) a (in the 9V battery and a little smoke alarms without batteries Kidde 1235th If the power cut off Kidde alarms buzz / hiss / scream in the field for a longer period. Sometimes only the last few minutes, sometimes in and out of the hour. Why is this so? There is universal alarm signal to others, makes them whine? This is very annoying when the lights go out at night.


Kevin said...

They replace the units, my experience with smoke detectors, noise when they start to go for no reason, etc. .... is wrong.

Older models of the direct cable (120 VAC) has been the backup battery. to do the new model. with him.

if the battery is low in smoke snuff, that they "chirp".
battery.should replaced twice AYear

boredsti... said...

I am not sure but I think even directly wired alarms have battery back up ..... I think batteiries Arent all good, and the whistle is impossible to tell U. .... Follow the Son and the search for battery .. or for a brand and research

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