Thursday, February 11, 2010

Party Invitation What To Say On A Farewell Party Invitation?

What to say on a farewell party invitation? - party invitation

I am working on sending an invitation to a farewell ceremony at the couple of small leaves. I have very good with sending invitations to customers, but I am confused when it comes to sending the couple to the party is affected. I am happy about these terrible things that I can in 3 lines or less, say, with the exception of date / time and gift / food? This is an elderly couple move out of state to be closer to their children and grandchildren.


John said...

I wish I / we are planning a party for you and your spouse, etc. .. The party is from .... If there is a surprise party, you have to work for them .... preferably something that you normally do, and nothing is planned. Normally this is not a surprise party for the party is to be aware of people, and possibly through planning, if you want.

Edit: Another option you have is to invite normal subject and say that they are the guests of honor.

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