Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tendonitis In Pinky Is This Wrist Tendonitis?

Is this wrist tendonitis? - tendonitis in pinky

I had problems with my right hand for a while. It is almost a year, my arm was numb at the ring and little fingers. I went to the doc and they thought that the compression of nerve UNLaR and told him to rest. Since then ... Numbness, but it is the lack of flexibility in the two fingers that most of the time.

Now I notice that my thumb is difficult to move, and my index finger and middle finger. Some time ago I was insensitive to the area along the index, but reading through the carpal tunnel, said the most important symptom is numbness or tingling, if not already there that is unlikely. So my thought is to tendinitis in the wrist.

My wrist does not hurt or feel bloated, and I heard they are also the two most important symptoms that do not. While in some cases I have heard that the stiffness is painless. Is this true, and if not, what else could it be? I think there must be some form of RSI, is not it?


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