Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Investment Can You Pls Suggest Residential Areas In Abu Dhabi?

Can you pls suggest residential areas in Abu Dhabi? - abu dhabi real estate investment

I will work in murror RD.
I am looking for a 1 bed and my budget is between aed4k - 5.5k/mth.
1. Where can I stay with this budget (on the island or from Iceland). pls quarter to beat uncertain.
2. can u suggest some reliable real estate agent?
3. Is it easy for a foreigner obtain a UAE driving licience too? and how long will it take? Convert (I did not say the drive can licience, but must consist of an examination)
4. What is the best place to buy furniture? aed10k just buy some basic furniture (ie, TV, bed, washing machine, sofa, etc.)? not a luxury.


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