Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grenadine Do People Ever Add Grenadine Into A Shot?

Do people ever add grenadine into a shot? - grenadine

Really Absolut, Bacardi or Smirnoff? be carefully cut, because I hate towards myself. such as pouring the drink into a glass and pour a little grenadine?


Em said...

Yes .. My roommate and I have plans, Cherry Bomb, once

1. Line Sugar Lick hand (such as salt from tequila)

then take a sip Bacardi, with a touch of grenadine, it

Past, eating a cherry!


brilili1 said...

The bartender and some people may ask for a shooter, is relatively high. A shooter is in fact a blow is mixed with a little grenadine, lemon juice, Red Bull or other great work of juice.

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