Friday, December 4, 2009

Maytag Sound Conditioned I Have A Maytag Refrigerator That Is 3+yrs Old And Is Making A Buzzing Sound But Not All The Time And I Called

I have a maytag refrigerator that is 3+yrs old and is making a buzzing sound but not all the time and i called - maytag sound conditioned

I asked where I bought it and told me to call A & E for service. Man came and did not hear the noise .... and said the compressor is probably ... was2 this week .. After reading all Maytag prob.with 'm not nervous or fixed in all the Council ... .. Thanks


Rich L said...

Your ice machine connected to water, not even in a dilution and the ice machine is always in you get a buzz out of the water valve when the time machine, ice maker needs water. Check it out if eliminating the problem of production of ice and turn the lift arm.

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